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How to: Support your employees’ wellbeing in the workplace

The mental wellbeing of your employees is key for them as individuals but, also for you as a business.

If an employee is struggling this can lead to feeling negative about themselves both in and outside of work. In turn this can have a roll-on effect on the working environment and how they feel towards their work.

Mental wellbeing is not a physical illness or issue that can be seen. However, it is something that can impact everyone. It is often invisible to others, with 1 in 6 people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace.

As a business, you hold the responsibility to be aware of these issues and support those suffering.

You might be asking; how do you do this?

We thought we’d share some of the small steps that can be taken to support employees’ wellbeing in the workplace. Remember a problem shared is a problem halved…

Regular wellbeing check-ins

Talking about how they are feeling may not come naturally to some. They also may feel reserved in sharing their emotions and struggles. By opening that communication line can be beneficial for them.

However, just remember to approach the topic carefully as mental wellbeing can be a sensitive topic for some. Ask open-ended questions such as, ‘How’re you doing?’, ‘How’re you finding work?’ or ‘How can we help you?’

Check-in every month with new starters. Once they are established this can be extended to every three to six months if suitable. Although, if you have any concerns or the employee requests more regular contact then adhere to that.

Share online resources

Those struggling may not always know how or where to seek help. Providing varied resources that offer them different support, materials, and tools regarding their mental health could be useful.

Resources that can be visited anytime, anywhere!

Just remember one solution does not fit all so, if you are going to be providing resources to your employees, we’d suggest placing them into a knowledge hub that is easily accessible to them.

If you’re having difficulty as to what resources to use, visit Mind who provide free resources that cover different mental health topics, situations, and support approaches.

Encourage team communication around wellbeing

As the saying goes two heads are better than one so, keeping up communication across your team is key in supporting people’s mental wellbeing.

Hold weekly team meetings to check in with everyone and encourage team conversation then between that time promote team activities and communication amongst themselves.

Team activities can help with bonding and build a line of open communication within team members that provides a safe space for those struggling to share any feelings they may have.

We all have bad days, and your team needs to be made aware of how they can all help one another.

Provide learning courses

It could be your company has many employees; this often makes it more difficult to ensure people’s mental wellbeing is being cared for to the best of your ability.

So, how can you fix this?

A learning course could be beneficial in this circumstance as they are a good resource when you have a high number of people in a company.

You could have a singular course or multiple courses that cover the different aspects of mental health and wellbeing, how to help yourself and others. This can be provided to everyone in the business or at least employees and managers so, they all have the relevant tools available to them.

Allow for ‘me’ time

Finally, work and life outside of that can become overwhelming at times so, something as simple as providing a short break or giving some ‘me’ time could relieve some of these issues.

Give them time for a cup of tea, a walk outside, or to just have a chat with a colleague! And don’t wait to be asked by the employee, make that time for them as the employer.

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