6 ways video benefits learning

Since the pandemic the world of learning has been flipped upside down. We have all had to adapt to this change to ensure employees can work and train successfully still. Many companies have made the move to online training over recent years. This has allowed employees to learn remotely and has given employers more creativity in the way they share learning information. Interactivity and engagement can be gathered by numerous different means now with one of the most successful ways being through video.

At Olano we always try to include animation and video as we believe it to be one of the best tools in learning if not the best. So, these are 6 benefits we found when using video in learning that you won’t want to miss…

People retain information better

Forrester Research found that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and these visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. That’s right! With our world becoming digitalised it means that our minds have adjusted to having smart devices in our daily lives. This has changed the concentration we have with information.

Lots of text and talks are no longer as effective as they previously were. Videos and digital interaction are the best form of information retention now and are the way forward in improving people’s learning styles.

Fit more information in, in a shorter period

Did you know that a 1-minute video equates to approximately 1.8 million written words? It’s crazy isn’t it but, the videos can reduce all the waffle for you. They are the perfect format to bring together a complex training session or module into a concise and informative video that will capture the audience’s attention better.

More cost effective

If a company usually provides classroom training, then it’s usually quite costly; having to cover the costs of the trainer, printed materials and potentially the hiring of a venue can all add up. With video, once it has been created there isn’t much more needed. No requirement of a trainer or resources making it a lot more financially beneficial. Plus, a potential bonus for employees is that it would reduce travel costs if they’re normally required in for any training.

More flexible

As mentioned with the world becoming more digitalised this has allowed for more creativity in the way we share information. Especially in video, they are easily customisable meaning that a company can tailor it to the training programme they are providing whilst keeping it brand friendly in the design.

It’s also much simpler to edit in the future if wishing to update or change it in any way!

Can be used anytime, anywhere

With the pandemic leading to many of us working in a more remote manner, training has had to suit this adaptation. Obviously, classroom training doesn’t work in this format with people being in different locations to one another. Don’t worry video means that learning can take place anywhere at any time! It is much more convenient for both the employer and the employees.

Boosts work productivity

With video being so accessible, it has meant that employees don’t need to train in the traditional way anymore.

Most likely training would have meant employees being taken out of their working day to go through the classic ‘death by PowerPoint’ teaching leading to the tasks they’d normally do go unattended. Well, video learning can fit into a working day. Employees can learn in the flow of work now, meaning those tasks they normally do don’t go unattended now.

Our team strongly believe that online learning is the way forward, whether that’s completely online or incorporated alongside classroom training. There are many benefits especially when video is included.

For more information about the use of video for training purposes please refer to our Explainer Videos section.

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