About us

We are a team of creative professionals, consistently delivering incredible but relevant training. Specialising in eLearning, animation, content development and all classroom/virtual training; with expertise in problem solving too. Our approach to any project is always the same – we start by focusing on the outcome your business requires, working with you to identify the problems, then creating the appropriate training to deliver that outcome.

The Olano team

Bruce Allen

Finance Director

Bruce is a very young (he insisted we added this) Grandfather & Chartered Accountant, who as well as being the Group’s Financial Director, has supported the Olano team with strategic perspective, as an agent for positive change.

Fun fact: Loves a quote – “He’s mad for it!”

Joanne Wilson

Marketing & Communications

Joanne’s experience means she’s the go-to for anything marketing related. Campaigns? Easy. Social Media? No Problem. She can do it all, which means that our external image will be top notch.

Fun fact: Completed the Three Peaks Challenge.

Kris Randall

Digital Managing Consultant

Once the only designer in a team of consultants (10 years ago) he is now the manager of Olano. He has a background in transport design, but his wealth of experience lies in all areas of L&D.

Fun fact: First name isn’t Kris.

Rob Freeman

Lead Graphic Designer

Rob wanted to be a lorry driver growing up, however his passion for illustration and animation led him in a different direction. He has been at Olano since 2015 and specialises in e-learning and content design.

Fun fact: Owns 50+ Kinder Egg toys.

Catherine Donaldson

Learning Content Writer

Catherine is our Content Writer. Having studied Journalism at university, writing her own blog and having previously freelanced with her written work, this lady really does have a way with words!

Fun fact: Applied for Britain’s Got Talent!

Callum Parker

Motion Graphic Designer

This is Cal, he makes other people’s illustrations move. Cal’s background in digital media production means he’s an all-rounder when it comes to design, but animation and video editing is where his passion lies.

Fun fact: Did a charity boxing match.

Ali Johnson

Digital Content Designer

A self-confessed adrenaline junkie, Ali’s passion for adventure brings a creative enthusiasm to her design work. Loves illustration, gamification and pushing boundaries.

Fun fact: Can only concentrate when sticking her tongue out.

Olivia Cancellara

Graphic Designer

Some call her the Digital da Vinci but we just call her Liv. Her forte is in illustration but loves to dabble in animation – she’s definitely got the moves.

Fun fact: Absolute shark at tennis.

Sheena Fraser

Graphic Designer

Sheena took the scenic route to her dream job as a graphic designer, picking up complimentary skills along the way. She combines her knowledge from working in software with her love of creating eye-catching visuals.

Fun fact: Plays Roller Derby.

Our Story

How it all started

Created in 2012, and originally known as NA Consulting, our friendly team are now a perfect blend of consultants, designers, and content writers, with trusted expertise in all L&D areas. Olano was born in 2021 to reflect our modern approach to traditional consultancy and our dedication to continuously deliver effective training (with a natural passion for executing it beautifully too). Take a look at Our Work for examples of how this all comes together.

Sheffield Based, Global Reach

We were established and continue to remain in Sheffield, despite the team’s varying backgrounds across the country. We compete with the best in the L&D market and our global reach reflects this. Over the years, our large corporate clients have varied greatly which has allowed us to gain experiences and insights from different sectors. Through this, our processes and ways of working have continuously improved, ensuring you get the best creative results.

Our guiding principles

Curiosity: Our inquisitive nature means we take time to explore everything we do. We dig deep to get to the core of your organisation’s needs.

Creativity: We believe everyone is creative. We want to push the boundaries of Learning and challenge the norm.

Mutuality: From concept to delivery, we believe in a journey of cocreation. It doesn’t work without you, so we want to create lasting relationships through on-going two-way communication.

Integrity: We approach every project with authenticity and honesty. We don’t play the hero, we’re real people sharing our specialisms in an honest way.