eLearning offers bitesize modules created for any purpose, any subject and on demand from any location.

Why eLearning?

eLearning is perfect for foundation to intermediate level learning or to be part of a larger blended training program.

At Olano we have developed bespoke eLearning courses since the dawn of time (so it may seem), it is our bread and butter. When developed well it really succeeds as a mode of training. The return on investment for the client is fast due to the savings on travel costs and the reduced time away from work for the delegates. It is also efficient in its delivery across different learning styles, giving the ability to progress at the individual learner’s pace.

Since 2020 eLearning has again seen an attention boost from our clients, since the world has seen an unforeseen push into remote learning due to the pandemic. Now that more and more people are familiar with learning remotely, there is even more reason to look into eLearning as a way to train employees.

Our bespoke eLearning is packed with engaging interactions, video, animation, knowledge check points, illustrative artwork and infographics. All backed up with some great voiceover artists and branded to feel part of your business. With our proven eLearning development process, it doesn’t take long to get from a set of Learning Objectives to the finished product.

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