Explainer videos

Limitless creativity and versatility packed within a single bite of information.

Why explainer videos?

Video is perfect to distribute large volumes of information in the shortest amount of time.

At Olano we push to use animation and video wherever possible. We don’t just believe in the medium, but it is also proven as a better way to retain information as a learning modality.

Typically, an explainer video is delivered using film footage, characters, infographics, iconography, or graphics morphing and transitioning from one scene to the next in time to a voiceover. However, the flexibility and style of how this is delivered is endless.

The best and most efficient way of using an explainer video is when the content is concise and to the point. Maybe you have a purpose or message to deliver which may not be so straightforward. Or the content is technical, and you want to break it down to explain it effectively. Or the subject area is very dry and disengaging and you want to draw attention to the importance of the content.

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