Case Study: ITIL standard

Explain Incidents, Problems and Changes

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Step 1

As part of an eLearning programme, we needed to create an explainer video to clearly stage the differences between Incidents, Problems and Changes.

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Step 2

We weren’t to be specific and couldn’t focus on the object or machine at fault. We were to use characters and something generic which all departments could relate to. A strong imaginative metaphor would be needed.

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Step 3

The example story couldn’t be too creative or far from what the business would find familiar.

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Step 4

A 3 minute animation was created using characters we had designed and animated in After Effects, all which complimented the client’s brand.

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Step 5

We really drove a lot of thought and creativity into this animation. Despite being just 3 minutes long, it was important to hit the objective of clearly define the differences.

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The situation

As part of a larger project around the ITIL standard, the client needed to explain the difference between incidents, problems and changes to a varied audience. The aim was to clearly differentiate each situation in order for them to be managed and actioned effectively.

This could be achieved with a short video.

Prompts for Action

The best solution would be to create something easy to understand and generic as a metaphor to help explain the differences regardless of the function or department.

To further help things seem more generic we would use character animation to simplify the steps in the process as an alternative to using realistic video footage.

We felt to effectively complete the task an explainer video would need to be created. Starting with a script, then a storyboard with mock-up still frames before finally moving into the animation and synchronisation of audio.


The risk was that we didn’t stray too far with the metaphoric example that it becomes to detached from reality. The purpose is to simplify yet captivate the audience in a way they can relate.


A 3-minute animation was developed using our custom-made characters which complimented the client’s branding and contained professional narration.

The metaphor was two conveyor lines carrying a different coloured box on each line, distributed to separate locations. A sorting machine separates the boxes before they go on the conveyors at which point a single issue occurs with the machine leading to one box appearing on the wrong conveyor. A workaround fix is then applied; however, the issue happens again. This time problem solving is now needed to get to the route cause, a solution is applied, and the problem is fixed.

Finally, to explain a change process a client asks for a change to be made to the machine which would make it able to recolour boxes, the change management process takes place, and the machine is upgraded to do the requested function. Overall, a simple but bespoke animation that showcases the differences within one story well.


The animation was only 3 minutes but the complexity of the scenes, moving objects and parallax effects between the foreground and background was intense to plan and develop. However, these niceties all added up to a solution which got a fantastic response from the client.

Giving a little extra here and there makes for so much more than what was originally imagined.