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How to: Motivate your staff with training

One of the biggest challenges we regularly hear as Learning & Development experts is companies struggling to make their training engaging whilst still being informative.

We understand that it’s a difficult balance to find but, our team love the challenge to get creative on a topic that normally might be presented in a ‘death by PowerPoint’ format. There are many factors that need to be considered when creating training for your employees. Most of which we’re able to relieve the pressure from by working together to make sure the training is suitable.

However, it’s always good as a company to not just provide the training but, support them with it. For some employees a little bit of motivation might be needed for them to complete it. Over the years we’ve learnt some tricks of the trade as to how to include and motivate your team when it comes to training.

Ask your employees, get their opinions

Many companies when creating training isolate the employees’ opinions. However, how are you going to know what best suits your employees without finding out their opinions?

It might be worthwhile carrying out a survey, conducting interviews or simply asking them questions in a meeting.

If you know what your employees want, then you’ll know what they’ll actively participate in!

Emphasis the benefits

Would you participate in learning if you didn’t know the benefits? Most likely not so, you can’t expect an employee to do this.

Whether it be emphasising the knowledge that’ll be gained, the development it’ll provide within the job or importance to the role, all create clarity to an employee making it more likely for them to get involved.

Provide the time for training

If the training is content heavy or partial classroom training it means time will be required away from their daily duties.

Make that time! Learning is important to improve their work and ensure they’re working at their best.

Use short formats

Video and online training allows for heavy content to be shortened down and simplified making it easier to complete.

It’s also a more successful way of people retaining information so, try and find a better format than the traditional classroom exercises if you can.

To find out more about the benefits of video in learning, click here.

Make training mobile

Since the pandemic the demand for remote learning has increased. Now more than ever do companies need to make training more accessible and mobile for the sake of their employees.

They are more likely to partake in training if they can do it anytime, anywhere. It makes it much easier to fit it into their working day which in turn benefits the business.

At Olano we work alongside you to create content that employees will participate in but, that also fulfil your purpose.

Don’t worry the creativity of our content development is endless!

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