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How to: Boost your team’s morale

The third Monday of January is coined to be the most depressing day of the year and is known as Blue Monday so, extra morale is needed today.

We wanted to combat this with a few ways you as a company could help boost the morale of your team if they’re having a bad day today. It might also come in handy over the year to ensure everyone is in a good spirit.

A positive team will make for a happier workplace for both the employees and for you. As an employer it’ll promote higher quality work.

So, let’s turn this day on its head and make it a good one for us all…

Build learning into the working culture

Learning is often seen as mandatory and the benefits to the employee are not made clear. This can lead to it seeming boring or unnecessary to them.

To combat this feeling it’s best to build learning into your work culture. This in order for it to seem like it is included rather than a chore they have to do.

You can do this by adding in refresher or updated training on a regular basis. Another way is by promoting additional training to help develop within the company, or create training that is done during the working day.

All these help build learning into the work culture which enables employees to feel more engaged. Most importantly it makes them feel valued by the company as it shows they care in their role development.

Praise accomplishments to help with individual’s morale

As an employer it’s easy to slip into a habit where achievements aren’t celebrated. However, recognising your employees’ hard work and achievement can lift their spirits.

From work anniversaries to completing a training course, there needs to be a process in place to celebrate this. You need to show the employee they are appreciated by the company.

This praise could be through an individual or team email, a gift, or just simply verbal recognition! We all love to hear that we are doing well. Maybe the accomplishment is so great it can be recognised during an annual company award ceremony if you have one.

Hold team activities and work socials to boost morale

Although, it is a workplace, and the focus is on working if that’s all you push then it can become at times, repetitive and demotivating for your employees.

Motivating them to solely work, work, work is a lot of pressure, and we all need time to relax and let off some steam.

Think of some fun activities that could take place during the working day such as, tea & talk time, quizzes, or a walk and talk. Additionally, work socials outside the workplace can also be beneficial to allow for a more relaxed setting such as, a work dinner or bowling night.

These social situations and events will lift employees’ moods both in and out of the workplace. Bringing that much needed morale amongst the team.

Provide clear competencies to develop

Development is important within a business to avoid employees feeling like they are stagnant in their career. They want to be able to improve on skills whether it be for their current role or to develop into a different position.

There needs to be clear competencies laid out and available to employees so, they can review them at any time and know exactly what they need to work on to reach the next point they’re wanting to get to.

This shows openness to an employee and prevents that stagnant feeling, instead encouraging forward thinking behaviour.

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