4 ways to change your learning method

As we have all seen learning has developed over the last couple of years following the pandemic meaning companies have had to adapt their learning method due to this.

If you haven’t begun to adapt, it’s time!

Change may seem scary but, with it being a new year it’s time to embrace a new approach to learning. We thought we’d help you to get started by sharing four ways you can adapt your learning methods this year…

Introduce eLearning

ELearning allows participants to learn nearly five times more material without the need to spend time in classroom. It cannot go unnoticed the benefits it brings to go online.

The aim of learning is for the employee to take onboard the information, retain it, and reflect it onto their job. Classroom training alone cannot guarantee this because the learner isn’t able to revisit the learning easily, if at all.

We also should mention that the average eLearning requires 40-60% less employee time than traditional classroom training. This means for you as a company there’s more time for them to resume their day-to-day role.

There are so many other benefits, so why wouldn’t you change your learning method to this?

Reduce paper materials by making them digital

Classroom training as a learning method can often lead to a heavy amount of material being used. This is due to the employee needing to takes notes, participate in activities, or to help retain key information.

Why not turn this digital? Place all this information onto a knowledge hub or an interactive digital playbook or delegate pack. In fact, doing this allows for easier access for revisitation.

Physical material can be lost and degrade but, a knowledge hub or digital document cannot!

Not only will this save you money as a company not having to print all the material. Let’s not forget, it is also better for the environment. We must be as environmentally conscious as possible as we progress further into this century.

Move to ‘learning in the flow of work’

Training has previously been expected to take time out of the employees’ days, however, with 65% of businesses saying their current learning platform isn’t working. Does this need to change?

‘Learning in the flow of work’ describes learning that can be taken during the employees’ working days rather than them being taken away from their duties.

By moving into this style, you’ll be able to still have employees working as expected without having to find time to take large amounts of their day out to bring them into a classroom. This is particularly important for companies working with Industry 4.0 technology as the digitalisation of manufacturing has provided employees time to learn within the role whilst managing equipment.

How do you achieve this? Turn learning digital, break topics into modules, densify knowledge into short bursts of knowledge and allow them to be checkpoints where they can easily hop on and off again. To learn more, visit our blog post!

Turn complex information into video

A single video is worth approximately 1.8 million words. Imagine that much content in written form or in a presentation!

Let’s be honest employees will likely switch off after the first 1%. You’ve probably seen it if you have a complex or long course that there’s a point where the learning is no longer beneficial as no one is retaining the information.

Time to take the leap and turn that complex topic or element of the course into a video. It is more visually appealing, improves information retention greatly, and breaks down a topic to provide more clarity to the learners.

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