April Monthly Round-up

Throughout April we have been focused on development. Including existing projects, developing some of our team’s skills, and developing our support efforts with local charities.

For our clients, we have mostly been focused on progressing forward with current projects gained during the previous months.

However, in order to develop further, we have had to make improvements. We have been increasing our individual skills, pushing creative boundaries and finding new creative ways to display information.

As mentioned last month, following Red Nose Day we wanted to keep up the fundraising spirit and April has centred around that.

Our Top 3 Monthly Projects!

Controls Software training

We are delighted to have won the challenge to develop a complex program of digital training surrounding material handling systems.

The two eLearning courses are designed to train new Project Engineers on the development and maintenance principles of an efficient warehouse/parcel conveyor system.

Fire Safety

Everyone loves Health & Safety training…right? This is one of the greatest challenges in eLearning, making compliance-based courses entertaining for the learner.

This project was exactly that. We were tasked to create a fire safety course that would tick the box for the client, but also allow the learner to feel refreshed through engaging material rather than off-the-shelf training.

With the client being within the leisure industry we tailored the content specific to that industry.

Lifesaving standards

Within every large corporation where there are many operators of machinery, there is a high risk of injury. This risk can be decreased with training, preventative measures, signage and many other things.

We were requested to be involved in the awareness of the lifesaving standards. Whereby we needed to develop the graphical representation of each of the 9 Pillars.

These would be used throughout the business to remind people to take care while they work in different environments.

The Team Round-up

For most of us, Easter has been a central to what we have been doing in April.

We were all counting down to the Easter Holidays, particularly the bank holiday weekend. It allowed us an extended leave to spend with family and friends. All of us got to enjoy lots of chocolate (And no we aren’t too old for Easter Eggs!). Finally, on the bank holiday Sunday we were filling ourselves with roast dinners.

However, we also recognised that there were others who would not be experiencing the same Easter as us.

Our team alongside Erango decided to get involved with the Easter Egg Appeal for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

This campaign is aimed to provide Easter eggs, fun activities, and toys for those who might not be experiencing the same privileges as the rest of us.

Over two weeks we managed to collect numerous items for our Easter bundle…

We were all extremely proud to have gathered as much as we did. It was also great to see the other efforts the rest of NA Group made for their selected charities.

Our team and Erango donating the Easter bundle to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital

You can read more about our Easter Egg Appeal by visiting our blog post on it.

With this event rounding up the month, we have high anticipation as to what is to come in May.

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