4 ways to integrate learning from others in the workplace

Learning is only beneficial if the employees retain the information and one technique that can help with this is to integrate learning from others in the workplace.

As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”.

Learning from others is the second most common way people learn, ahead of formal training experiences. So, although providing training is the first step, allowing and giving those opportunities to learn from others is the next most important one to take.

However, understanding the best ways to integrate this way of learning can be difficult. We wanted to share four simple ways to help encourage learning from others in the workplace…

Integrate learning through hosting team activities

It’s hard to expect natural interaction with learning all the time, therefore you may need to give them a nudge!

Team activities are a great way of doing this. You can centre the activities around their job responsibilities, training received, or the progress required.

They can be made fun to break up the working day and should be used to encourage discussion and integrate learning with everyone.

Provide study groups to integrate learning from others

Study groups are not just based on educational environments but, rather wherever it suits. From schools to workplaces, study groups promote understanding and support learning for multiple people.

There are two main ways you could present a study group at your workplace.

Firstly, a regular general study group open to all. This would mean employees across different departments could come together on a regular basis. They could share knowledge learnt or provide support for others’ learning.

Secondly, a study group that takes place with employees throughout the training delivered. All employees enrolled on the same course could meet or call to prepare and help one another on the topic in order to complete the training successfully.

There are other methods of study groups that could fit better into your work environment and learning culture but, those are just two examples.

Encourage conversation between learners whilst training

Managers and those in senior positions have a responsibility to support and help their employees, especially throughout any training.

In this situation, it’s important to create conversation with those employees involved in the training to share their knowledge, tips or queries with each other. This is for anyone that can support or take in further information that will help them.

If you are providing classroom training, you can encourage these conversations in person. However, if you use online training, you can hold check ins, create a group chat, or schedule calls between employees to help this.

Get employees speaking from different job roles

Learning from others shouldn’t just be those within an employee’s job field but, wider to that.

It may not seem necessary to blend departments together, however, sharing information could lead to many knowledge discoveries that benefit both employees or departments.

There may be overlap in knowledge or an employee could be given some new information that in turn, helps their job role or training. Just because job roles seem so different doesn’t mean they can’t benefit one another.

Get them chatting! Create work socials, partner employees together, team calls, one-to-ones or group chats mixing varied job roles with one another.

Wherever possible integrated learning and learning from others is an element you all should include if working from home. It breaks the isolation of learning which can happen if employees are not interacting often.

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