5 key benefits of using video for training content

Video content is everywhere in the modern world. Whether it’s influencers or brands promoting products on social media, world leaders giving updates on global issues or designers revealing their secrets through tutorials, video has been universally adopted.

But it’s videos used for training content which we’re interested in here. 88% of companies use some form of video content as part of their training programme. Whether you’re looking to create engaging content or reduce time spent, there are many benefits of using video for training purposes.

97% felt that “explainer” videos would help their audience gain a better understanding of a product or service. Before looking at the benefits of using video, take a look what an “explainer” video is:

Now you understand what an explainer is, let’s identify 5 key benefits of using video for training content.

Higher engagement

Video content has taken the world by storm, with one of the major contributing factors being its ability to engage viewers. Research found that employees are 75% more likely to watch a video rather than reading text, either in documentation form or on-screen. It’s far more engaging.

The ultimate goal of any training programme is to educate its audience. Without learner engagement, it’s difficult to absorb knowledge. Without digestion of information, the training programme is ineffective. Engagement is critical for successful learning and is one of the key benefits of using video content.

Better at retaining information

When it comes to retaining information, video content performs far greater than any other medium. One study found that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text.

It’s important to design content aiming to achieve high information retention, and video can help with that. A study from Wainhouse Research found 57% of employees using video training found it “very effective” compared to 17% of organisations who didn’t. Video has the power, so use it.

Easily accessible

Many of us have busy schedules and find it difficult to sync up calendars. As a result, training is often pushed aside to be revisited – and it rarely ever is. Video alleviates that problem, with its ability to be accessed instantly on any device from anywhere in the world.

Have you got 500 employees operating across multiple sites? No problem. They can all access the same video content regardless of their location or working schedules. All you have to do is provide the content for them to watch; it’s that simple!

This removes costs associated with more traditional training methods too. Previously, businesses would struggle to afford travel and accommodation costs for training courses. Video takes away that struggle.

Video is convenient for learners

Like we’ve mentioned already, many of us do not have enough time for training. With video, it doesn’t matter. Research has found that humans process visuals 60,000 times quicker than text. Yes 60,000. You’ve read that correctly.

That’s why explainer videos offer the ideal option for those with limited time and hectic schedules. It takes a matter of minutes out of a learner’s day, rather than hours or even days associated with other training options.

Let explainer videos do their job; explain!

Perhaps one of the most simple benefits of using video, specifically explainer videos, is that they do exactly that; explain! Content covered in a 30-minute eLearning course or half a day of classroom training could be shown in as little as a 3-minute explainer video. The difference is incomparable.

They do not require the need to pay for a facilitator to deliver content. Instead, a voiceover artist narrates the content to explain what is happening for learners. The cost of 2 or 3 minutes of voiceover is far smaller than it would be for an entire eLearning course or to pay facilitators to deliver. According to the Department for Education, training costs, on average, over £1,500 per person.

And there you have it, video content in a nutshell. We hope after discovering some of the benefits of using video content, you are aware how powerful a tool it can be for your learners. But, like with most approaches in L&D, it depends on the content and its audience.

With complex or accredited topics, additional support from either eLearning or classroom training may be required to ensure content is fully understood. However, explainer videos remain a devastatingly effective method to train your people.

Feel an explainer video is what you’re looking for and want to start the conversation about developing with us? We’re more than happy to help. Simply get in touch with your requirements and let’s build your next project together!

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