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How to: make a voiceover artist’s life easier

When we create content for eLearning or explainer videos the visual elements are extremely important, however, it can’t be forgotten that voiceover is just as crucial.

As much as we need to engage the learner, the other aim is to provide the information to them and promote the retention of such information. Therefore, the information that is provided needs to be accurate. However, additionally it needs to sound engaging and be well timed to suit the visuals.

Amrit Sandhu, a four-time award nominated voiceover artist that we regularly work with gave us a little insight into some of his top tips in making a voiceover artist’s life easier…

Finalise the script for the voiceover artist

Before sending over the script to the voiceover artist, Amrit recommends that you firstly finalise the content. A script could be altered numerous times by both your team and the client prior to it becoming a voiceover.

Sending over a script before finalisation can create complications. Any changes made leads to the artist having to rerecord sections that could be avoided. So, finalise that script before sending it over!

Give direction to the voiceover artist on the reading style

Content needs to be engaging to help the learner retain the information, promote enjoyment and engagement of the content.

The way that this can be done is through instructions to the voiceover artist that explains the topic, scenario, or attitude that needs to be taken to certain parts of the script.

Amrit explains that knowing the target audience is key. Once he knows who he is reading to then it becomes more personal and an engaging delivery.

Check the script for grammar

Whilst finalising the script it’s important to either proofread or run it through a good grammar checker before sending it over.

This is needed to ensure clarity for the artist. Any error could lead to disruption in the voiceover and lose the meaning of a sentence.

Check it, then check it again just to be sure!

Provide a live directed session

A face-to-face (or voice-to-voice) session in person or over Zoom to explore the reading styles of the voiceover artist that you’re working with can be very beneficial.

In fact, Amrit says it is worth its weight in gold as it helps both the artist, and you get more from the reading styles available. Email or chat instructions only allow you to go so far.

Read the script aloud

Timing should be one of the first thoughts when it comes to voiceover as it needs to sync with the video. Get a timer or your phone out and record the time it takes for you to read the voiceover through. It’s the best way to gauge the pace!

Regularly check the voiceover artist’s show reels

A good voiceover artist will keep growing and training.

Check the artist’s show reel every three months or so, specifically their latest recordings. You’ll be surprised how much they may have developed with their delivery style and the way they could apply this to your project.

Have fun!

Amrit finished off by saying that above all have fun with the process! Have a laugh with your voiceover artist and everything will go so much easier.

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