6 benefits to blended learning

At times sole classroom training or e-learning might not be suitable for you, that’s where blended training comes in handy.

The content, purpose, and delivery needed for training can vary. Therefore it’s not always the case that one solution fits all. At Olano we fully understand this, using our creativity to find the best solution for your company’s needs.

In some circumstances we find that combining classroom and virtual training is needed for certain topics. There are many benefits it provides that alone wouldn’t be available or as effective.

We thought we’d share the top 6 benefits of blended learning; it might help you find out whether it is right for you…


Blended learning allows you to pick the topics that will be covered in the classroom and through online learning. More practical topics where there needs to be group involvement or activities then classroom would be better suited. On the other hand, other topics would be better as a digital delivery. Also, more complex modules might be simplified down with video and/or animation as the answer.

Essentially the world is your oyster with blended learning!

Covers all learning styles

Different people have different learning styles therefore you must adapt and work with that.

As an employer you have a duty of care to support your employees. This includes understanding and supporting people’s varied learning needs. Effective blended learning provides a ‘best of both worlds’ solution. This helps cater to all learning styles through different mediums and techniques.

Extended Reach

Blended learning reduces classroom time by allowing for digitalisation of work.

By condensing down a trainer’s expertise into online learning you’re able to reach more people whilst still providing high-quality content at a smaller cost. A bonus being that going partially digital will give trainers more time to offer more classes in the same, or less time. Delivering more training, or complete other work they may need to in the time they regain. Essentially it provides more time and flexibility whether it be you as the employer, trainer, or employee.

Enhances training quality

Normally classroom training follows a schedule which means that it has quite a rigid structure. This can lead to it just becoming a compulsory task for the employee.

Mixing in an online element can offer more flexibility in the sense of being self-paced, therefore can be completed at a learners’ convenience. It gives them the opportunity to go through the online element as many times as they want before they go into the classroom session to expand further. Having a digital element in partnership with a classroom session can modify the delivery of the classroom aspect, to focus more of the activities, answering questions or delivering additional context. This should also make the group more forthcoming as they have more expertise before they begin in the classroom, which will encourage more interaction during activities.

Tracks training completion and effectiveness

Although in person training can be tracked, it’s not easy to do in a larger group.

Whereas online training allows for tracking as each interaction can be assessed on the Learning Management System (LMS). Including online work into your training plan makes tracking easier, is less time consuming and more accurate than a trainer trying to do it.

Promotes a learning culture

To promote a learning culture, you need to be providing opportunities for continuous learning to your learners.

Online learning can be a great in doing this. Alongside any classroom training could be an online learning curriculum that complements the topic whilst also furthering what they’ve learnt in person. Basically, making it possible to close the skills gap themselves with someone more advanced rather than needing external intervention and support.

As we’ve said before we’re a company that understands a one solution fits all approach is not the answer when it comes to creating learning and training programs. Our team always find a way that suits you and your business.

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