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How to: Network in 2022

Networking has moved from in person interactions to now connecting to a network on LinkedIn. The power of the internet has only increased during the pandemic leading to many face-to-face activities being digitalised.

As companies though, many of us rely upon events and social situations to build connections and meet potential clients. These aren’t as common now so, there’s a need to adapt.

With the new year brings a new way of networking. We’ve collated a few tips to help you navigate this process. They’ll leave you being a networking expert by the end of the year…

Share relevant content to your network

It’s important to ensure that any content being shared is relevant to your company and the industry you work within! However, as long as you do this it is a great way to interact with others.

It could be a company in the same field or an individual sharing an interesting article. It’s good to show appreciation to others within the field. It could create a social media connection or spark up a conversation on a topic with a company or person.

Content creates discussion but, don’t forget to read all content thoroughly to ensure it is appropriate and relevant to you!

Connect with existing and potential clients

As a business if you have social media then it’s essential to connect with clients. This ensures you keep them updated and are able to interact easily with them.

Although, when it comes to networking the aim is to interact with new people and companies that you may not have previously spoken to. Search through your social media platforms for likeminded companies or individuals you’d be interested in working or converse with.

In addition to connecting or following the client’s/potential client’s profiles, it could be even more beneficial to drop them a message, introduce your business and what you do or for clients you’ve already worked with just simply check in.

Promote interaction

It’s very easy to share, share, share online as a business but, who is engaging with the content? If you’re looking and you see no engagement it might be time to switch things up and create posts encouraging conversation.

Networking is all about socialising which on the internet can be difficult at times for a business!

Get a poll started, ask a question, or write a blog post that promotes comments. Engagement pushes your posts out to a further reach and therefore you’re networking without even knowing you’re doing it.

And who knows these small interactions could lead to a company or individual becoming a key contact.

Share your knowledge to your network

As much as speaking to others and interacting with their content is needed to network effectively you also want to show your knowledge as a company.

Sharing information or content you have created such as, blogs or infographics will potentially be of interests to others in the social media community or on the internet that they’ll get in contact with you from it.

Other companies and individuals will only want to connect and speak to you if they believe you benefit them or share a mutual knowledge so, get creating!

Use relevant hashtags when on social media if you’re wanting the post to have a greater reach.

Get social offline

Networking doesn’t stop when you finish work so, consider taking a little time out if you have a moment to go online and interact with others.

Some individuals may not use their social media or online platforms until after they have finished work. Keep check of their activity and if they seem more active after working hours, take note and only get in touch in their more active hours.

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