5 benefits of encouraging development

Employee development is the process in which an employee along with the support from their employer will undergo training to enhance their skills and acquire new knowledge.

According to ClearCompany 68% of employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy.

The demand to strengthen their knowledge and gain new skills within the company they work for is high.

There are numerous benefits for both the employee and employer by incorporating ongoing employee development. We thought we’d share some of these with you…

Make the employees feel valued

By encouraging employee development you’re showing you trust and value them as an employee. It shows you want them to continue to learn and move forward within the company.

Without doing this you risk losing employees due to the fact they may feel less considered and the skills which they provide to the business.

Therefore, providing this will most likely increase employee retention!

Prevents stagnation, increases development

It’s easy for everyday work to become repetitive and for employees to become stagnant at some point because of that.

However, as their employer it is your responsibility to prevent this from happening and keep up the morale within the workplace.

Ongoing employee development ensures exactly that by encouraging employees to expand their skills or gain new knowledge, allowing them to break away from any repetitiveness they may feel.

Helps discover new talents

You’ll never know an employee’s full potential unless you allow them to develop, so it’s vital you support this.

As a company by providing the resources and tools to enable new skills and knowledge may help an employee. They may find out they have a new talent in something they may not have discovered unless they were allowed to develop in such a way.

Is it time to investigate whether you have opportunity to develop talent in your business?

Improves on employees’ skills and development

Everyone has room to improve their skills, especially within industries where there is constant development or legal changes.

It may seem like just having the skills needed for the job role is enough. However, developing those skills would benefit both the employee and you as a business.

The more competent within a skill they are, the better they will be within their job role, which in turn will improve their performance at work whilst allowing them to learn new information.

Increased productivity and satisfaction

As mentioned already, ongoing employee development helps make employees feel valued, supported, and sometimes even inspired.

Naturally, this leads to higher productivity and more importantly, higher satisfaction within their work. It gives them confidence in their skills and by showing your support as an employer it’ll likely continue to build.

In fact, it may even inspire other employees to get involved and develop themselves, potentially into a leadership position.

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