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A day in the life of a Digital Managing Consultant…

We have a team of designers and industry experts that specialise in a variety of areas of content creation and design. They work hard, keeping up to date with industry knowledge to create the best learning solutions for our clients. This wealth of knowledge enables us to create the best training and products for our clients.

To understand our expertise, it’s beneficial to know what our team does and what a regular day-to-day workday looks like for them.

In our last blog, Sheena explained what a day in the life of an eLearning Developer is like.

This time Kris, our Digital Managing Consultant, shares a typical day in the life for him…

“I have two children. On Mondays and Tuesdays, I work from home in order to pick them up from school. We work quite flexibly in our team, with hybrid working. It’s useful as on these days I finish work earlier and pick back up in the evening. This works well as a lot of our clients are based in North America anyway. They tend to start their days around (ourtime) midday (GMT). This means working later in the evenings fits into their day quite well.”

“I go to the gym two or three times a week before work. It gives me a little break from home and work life.

“After I arrive, I set up my laptop and desk area then grab myself a tea.

“I’ll start by assessing where projects are. Checking in with the team and making sure everything is on track.

The team are so important in what we do!

“I then check for any additional or outstanding actions needed. If there are follow-ups needed with clients so the team can progress, I will do those.

“Due to me being the Managing Consultant, my job is split into a few different areas.

“There’s the business development side, which involves speaking to businesses and potential clients to see what their needs or problems are. From this, I assess the options and how we can use different methods or technologies to meet their needs.

“When I do this, I have to think about issues they may not have considered and raise it with them. Utilising past experience from existing projects.

“I also potentially need to pitch and hold meetings within this role too. This is with existing and new clients across our Group. I can gain contacts with other companies they work with to educate them about our offering.

The best part of being a Digital Managing Consultant is understanding of a client’s needs and finding a solution for them. The gratification you get doing this and creating a product or service to help a client is great.

“The other area is project management, which is about making sure the team are on track with projects. As manager of the team, I regularly check in with my team to make sure they have everything needed and give any support required. I also mix up projects they’re working on for them to ensure enjoyment in their roles.

“My days are always different, so I balance these roles depending on what is happening each day.

“An extra element in my role is that I am part of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) at Nicholas Associates Group. Every six weeks I am involved in a meeting where we talk about our progress and performance and how to improve the overall business.

“Often, I am required to support with design and content creation, which I really enjoy. By keeping up to date with my knowledge it helps with pitching to clients about things like technology and how we can utilise that to meet their needs.

Understanding design is integral to developing innovative content.

“With how varied my role is as a Digital Managing Consultant, I tend to be moving around the office between the team quite a lot.

“On my lunch I try to avoid sitting at my desk. Either I go out for some food, have a walk, get some fresh air and just be outside. This gives me time to reflect and think about new things we can introduce and improve as a business to attract clients.

“Throughout the day I’ll continue to stay in contact with the team regarding the projects they are working on and will often have a few meetings with clients about current projects we are working on.

“As I reach the end of the day I’ll try and round everything up, so that I can leave work without anything on my mind.

“I finish projects I’ve been working on and then write a new checklist for the following day, moving over anything that needs to be continued and completed. I’m a big fan of checklists.

“This will all be completed by the time I need to go, leaving me prepared for the following day and happy to close off work for the day. Then it’s in the car and back to the family.”

Kris works with his team to provide a variety of innovative learning Services. As a Digital Managing Consultant, he is continuously working towards and developing the right solution. Catherine, our Learning Content Writer works alongside him to create content within its early stages also explained a typical day in the life of Content Writer to us.

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