5 reasons refresher training is a good idea

Training is not just a tool to be used when an employee first begins working for you. It should be seen as a long-term tool that can benefit both you and your employees.

Refresher training allows for training to continue throughout your employees’ career path. This could be as a corrective action or to notify them of a policy change. There’s no timescale to say when it can take place. It should just be whenever it best suits you and your company’s aims, objectives, and needs. You may not think it is needed but, you’ll be surprised how information can diminish over a long period of time.

Still sceptical? Let us show you some of the reasons as to why refresher training is a good idea.

Refresher training reduces mistakes

If you’re a company that relies on policy to stay compliant with legal requirements, then refresher training would fit perfectly into that field of work.

In general, it provides a reminder to your employees of their induction training they received. It also ensures they are retaining the information they are required to know. It can’t be expected that information retained from your first day will not be the same two years later.

This is when mistakes can occur when the knowledge is not as fresh. Quite simply less mistakes will be made if the training is repeated.

Builds long-term memory

Along with reducing mistakes it also provides long-term memory for your employees.

Refreshing yourself with previous knowledge at specific intervals will likely lead to the learner memorising the information more.

The spacing effect demonstrates that learning is more effective when repeated in spaced-out sessions. These intervals need to be long enough so that the learner can still recall the information but, not too regularly. This is because it is designed to take place over a long period of time.

By spacing it over time it’ll ensure better retention of information and recall in their long-term memory. This is an important method as it is expected that 6 days after training a learner has forgotten 75% of the information

Keeps employees on the same page, making learning part of the culture

Building learning into your work culture will not only be beneficial for productivity within the business but, also make the employee feel valued.

Everyone needs to be provided with access to learning, to refresh themselves. Especially when you have a new starter who is learning one set of policies, compared to a long-term employee who may not have learnt those same most up-to-date procedures.

All employees should be given refresher training, so everyone is on the same page, and no one is left behind.

Ensures employees are kept up to date with industry standards

Industry standards are known to change and be updated time to time so, would you not want your employees updated with all the latest information?

Refresher training offers the perfect opportunity to do this. It is essential for businesses where there are legal requirements with knowledge and training. Being a few months behind could have a detrimental impact on the company and its reputation.

You want the experts within the company to be able to identify the change as they happen, keep track of them, and be ready for any training.

Refresher training identifies knowledge gaps

Bad working habits can be adopted by employees but, refresher training allows you to recognise and rectify these.

With training being tracked you can see whether an employee is receiving regular low scores, if a topic is seeming to be failed often by people, or if the training is being completed.

Once these discrepancies have been discovered you can improve upon supporting these errors in a set amount of time that works for your business.

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